I’m Theo Darchiville (da·she·ville)
Nice to meet ya!

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 Email: theo.darchiville@gmail.com 

My Site

I’ve put in over 26,000 hours of visual work, interfaces, sketches, prototypes, concepts, emails, banners, landing pages and much more since I graduated design school in NYC. My site is a mere reflection of my favorite work.


About Me

You would usually find me uplifting others through a tweet, a DM, or one of my Instagram posts nearly every day. Through my creativity, I aim to influence others to value themselves gracefully.

I'm crazy about learning about other artists' creative process. These days I've been reading the autobiographies of global influencers (i.e. Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Malcolm X, Oprah Winfrey, and Maya Angelou) as I constantly do my best to look at things from a different perspective.


 Fun Facts:
  • I'm a dual-citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States
  • I'm a 90's baby who shares a birthday with Jay-Z
  • I've played tennis on/off since age 3
  • I made my first movie at age 8 using stop-motion animation, a JVC camcorder and all of my toys!
  • I've been my family's photographer since age 10


How I Work

I believe 'intention' is a great design tool. First, I usually ask about our goals on a particular project then immerse myself into that. What's the purpose of this execution? Why are we targeting this demographic? Once I figure that out I can take a deep breath and get to work!



These are my friends/fellow-creatives who inspire me daily. Since my career began, they've all helped me better my work and my philosophies. I'm eternally grateful for them and their input:

The portfolio itself is inspired by the works of:


Thank you, all of you!

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